Be the office hero! Up your corporate perks with Melow’s Corporate Wellness offerings.

Massage services include, in-office chair massage, in-office table massages, and discounted gift cards for at-home massages.

How can Melow help you?

           Decrease           Stress

In-office massage helps to relieve chronic stress. Happy employees are efficient employees!

Increase    Productivity

A rejuvenated mind is more productive. Employees will be refreshed after a chair massage.


Office perks make employees excited to go to work. Chair massage will be a huge hit with everyone!

melow low budget

Stay Within
Your Budget

Pricing is lower than Dhs 99 an employee. Provide employee perks without breaking the bank!

30 day guarantee melow


We offer a 30-Day-Guarantee that other corporate massage providers can’t match.

promote wellness


Massage can improve employee health by boosting circulation and strengthening the immune system.